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About Us

Læs for Livet translates to Read for Your Life in English. We use books to facilitate social change and give children and young people in difficult circumstances good experiences and the opportunity for a better life.


We collect new or gently used books from private homes, publishers, book reviewers, authors and others. The books are sorted into libraries of about 400-1000 books and donated to institutions such as children’s homes, residential care institutions, shelters and special needs schools. We carefully put together the book selection to reflect the interests of the children and young people at these institutions – and represent a range of genres and reading proficiency.

Read for Your Life promotes reading for pleasure. Some children are excited by books about cars or Justin Bieber. Other children might prefer poetry, a comic cook or a classic. It’s not important what they read – as long as they read.







Read for your life

Read for Your life is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2012 by Rachel Röst. She is a children’s book author, has a master’s degree in literary science and is Head of Communications at Read for Your Life. She herself was placed in a residential care institution at the age of 16 and books have had a profound impact on the trajectory/path of her life.  

Read for Your Life has a salaried staff and more than 40 volunteers. Our offices are located in Copenhagen and also contains our massive book collection.

Since 2012 we have donated more than 300 libraries to institutions throughout Denmark. That’s over 175,000 books at a total value of 26 million Danish kroner.

Rachel Röst has personally received numerous awards for her work with Read for Your Life and the organization itself has also won several awards. In 2020 we received the Egmont Foundations anniversary award “Because we fight for children!” and 1 million Danish kroner.

Since 2012, Read for Your Life has donated more than 150 libraries to institutions throughout the country. That’s approximately 100,000 books worth more than 15 million kroner (approximately 2.5 million US dollars).
Rachel Röst has personally been awarded numerous prizes for her work in building the organization, and Read for Your Life has also received several awards.

In November 2016, Read for Your Life received a donation of 6 million (approximately 1 million US dollars) from the Egmont Foundation to fund the organization over the following four years.


Head of Secretariat

Laura Emilie Buch Rahbek
phone: +45 53 57 20 66


Founder and Head of Communications

Rachel Röst
phone: +45 31 57 90 49


Head of Volunteering and Libraries

Lærke Bohlbro
phone: +45 61 72 73 05


Project manager

Emma Louise McKay



Christian Munk Petersen



Caroline Sehested


Board member

Alice Zabell


Board member

Christine Bødtcher-Hansen

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

J.R.R. Tolkien

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