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Our Impact

Our work helps some of the most vulnerable children in Denmark by introducing them to the wonderful world of books and the joy of reading. Strong reading comprehension is vital to succeed in school and in life. Studies have shown that it impacts your school results more than your parents’ educational backgrounds[1] (SUS). For children in care education is the best protection against a vulnerable adulthood. And with just over half of children in care finishing 9th grade with a leaving certificate, we’re failing them. That’s why the work that Read for Your Life does is so important.

In Denmark children’s reading habits have been declining for years – and not only are they reading less, they’re also enjoy it less. Only 20 percent of Danish school children report that they like to read – compared to 43 percent internationally. And 33 percent of children in care say that they never read for pleasure. That’s why our work is based on engaging with the children to ensure that our libraries reflect their interests and hobbies. And it’s working:

  • 79 percent of the institutions tell us that the books provided by Read for Your Life have had a positive impact on the children’s overall wellbeing.
  • 88 percent of the institutions have observed an improvement in the children’s attitude towards books and reading since receiving their library.
  • 79 percent of the institutions report that the books are being used every day or multiple times a week.

“We have teenagers who’ve never managed to read an entire book before, but now proudly tell us that they’ve read several books and ask us for more recommendations. They’ve had positive experiences with literature and their own reading capabilities, which has bolstered their confidence.” – Teacher

“We’ve had our library for just over a year. All our wonderful children have become quite proficient readers – and they keep getting better. We’re convinced that it’s because there’s always an exciting book readily available. Our youngest has been bragging in school that he knows a ton of good books.” – Residential Childcare Worker


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